About Us

Who are we?

We are a team of newly trained doulas seeking to cultivate our birth work experience and expand our services throughout the Metro-Atlanta area.


It is our belief that by making doula services both attainable and affordable we are helping to eliminate barriers and encourage more families to take advantage of the opportunity to have doula support during their birthing journey.


In an effort to accomplish these goals we offer complete Doula Care Services for only $400.

These service include but not limited to:

  • Two prenatal visits
  • Support with creating a Birth Plan
  • Labor/Birth 
  • Two Well-Check Postpartum visits.

What We Do



Pregnancy can be a magical and very transitional time of life. We each bring something special to your experience to help you make the best choices available for both you and your baby. During our two prenatal visits we explore your birthing goals and help you to create a birth plan.

Aside from the continuous support that you can expect from a Doula during your pregnancy, we each also offer additional services such as belly art, childbirth education classes and pregnancy massage.

 Read each bio below to select a Neo-Doula for you. 

Labor and Birth


This is when the magic happens! When you work in harmony with your body to bring forth your baby. You can expect your Doula to be present during your entire labor and birthing experience. 

We each offer unique skills and techniques to help you reach your birthing goals.

Read each bio below to select a Neo-Doula for you.

Postpartum and Newborn Care


The postpartum period can be challenging. Even for veteran parents the demands of a new baby combined with everyday activities can quickly become overwhelming.  We provide two postpartum Well-Check visits  in effort to help ensure Maternal and Infant Wellness. 

 We each offer additional services such as, yoni steaming, belly binding  and  placenta encapsulation.

Read each bio below to select a Neo-Doula for you.  

Our Team


Shanti Moore

 It was 2006 when I first heard the term doula, and learned what it meant. It was also the same year that seven friends of mine were pregnant, and that I acted in the capacity of a preterm doula for one of them, without knowing that there was such a thing. Even after that experience, I would have women (sometimes randomly) ask me if I assisted mothers during birth. In a way,  I guess you can say that birth work has called me. I am an RN, a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reflexologist and Reiki Master, in addition to being a doula. The majority of my experiences have been working with mothers during labor however, I am always looking to broaden my knowledge base so that I may be of assistance to mothers during every stage of the labor process.

Phone: 404-914-5000

Email: shantiisblessed@gmail.com


Kandice Burts

 Kandice Burts CPC, CD B/P a certified professional coach and doula, has been serving families for over 10 years. Assisting with prenatal, birth and postpartum care, Kandice provides a level of expertise that comes from experience and education. As a mother of four, she enjoys educating and assisting families on their birth and postpartum journeys. She provides reassurance and perspective to you and your partner, emotional support, physical comfort and communication assistance. With first hand experience birthing at a birth center, hospital and also at home, Kandice is able to help you feel like the Queen that you are.

Kandice Burts CPC, CD B/P
Blessed Queens Doula Care


Y'Na Snipes Evans

As a child birth professional she supports, advocates, encourages expecting families. She is very passionate about creating and holding space for mothers before, during and after child birth.  She is a self-proclaimed guardian & protector of mothers and children. Y’na is an advocate for self care and believes it is a revolutionary act for everyone, especially women. She believes, “The way that a woman enters motherhood can leave a powerful imprint on how she approaches her health, wellness and self care in the future.”  Healthy mothers in mind, body and spirit tend to have healthy thriving children.  

Phone: 678-698-0735

Website: www.ynaevans.com 


Zaire Sabb

Peace and Greetings! I am Zaire. I am the Founder of Mystic Momma Holistic Doula Services where I serve as a Birth/Postpartum Doula, Lactation Educator, Placenta Encapsulator as well as a herbalist and RN. I am a mother of two boys and it was during the course of my nursing career that I began to see patterns of women being "railroaded" regarding the birthing process and suffering in postpartum. I decided to follow combine all of my knowledge and use it to help the others have a satisfying labour and delivery and breastfeeding experience and also promote a healthy postpartum period.
Phone: 678-561-4355

web: www.mysticmomma.net


Korrie Renee


My name is Korrie Renee! I live in Marietta, GA. I am a mother of two kings. In my spare time I love to watch movies and take photos.

I love working with mom's and their families in the birthing process because assisting in a birth brings me great joy to see new life come into this world 


IG: @KoKoKaresDoula


Tae Eady

 Tae Eady (artist/activist) is a Doula and Lactation Consultant, specializing in teen pregnancy, domestic violence, and home birth planning. She is the owner and operator of The Doula House Of Refuge Postpartum Recovery Center (through Airbnb), a private and affordable bed and breakfast for clients who may be discharged in unsafe and unstable environments. She is a proud mother of 5 exceptional homeschooled children, a comedic storyteller and host who tours her works, and the talent of others on an open mic platform entitled, I'M PREGNANT! AND I DON'T KNOW WHO THE MOMMA IS! AN EXPRESSION FROM THE BLACK WOMB produced by The Artizen Company and Sekesa Berry of Love 'N' Touch. Ultimately, she is passionate about empowering Black women, expecting mothers, and families to ensure a safe and fulfilling entrance into parenthood. 




Claudia "Cookie Gonzalez

 I have always had a fascination for the inherent strength and power that women possess when the time comes to birth their children. Because I cannot give someone anything that they already have, as a doula my goal is to help women realize that they possess such strength and power.  

I'm Cookie, a birth doula, aspiring childbirth educator, Auntie, and lover of natural healing. I have an amazing, smart, and funny proxy-baby (aka my niece) whom I love as if she were my own. I was fortunate enough to have witnessed her amazing transition into this world, an experience that I cherish very much. It is through this experience that I solidified my desire to become a birthworker.  

Phone: 678-658-0259 IG: CookieLaDoula


Taylor Digby

 Taylor is a Madriella Certified Labor and Postpartum Doula, and the creator of Dance of Dawn Birth Services & Education. She discovered her passion for pregnancy and birth during her own pregnancy, when she was first introduced to the role of a Doula. She was inspired by the care she received and the knowledge she gained, and felt called to share it with others. Taylor uses her skills developed through years working in childcare, customer service and as a personal assistant to provide nurturing and practical support for families through pregnancy and after delivery. She believes that when we trust and empower mothers, we strengthen all aspects of our families and communities. Taylor's main goal as a Doula is to be a supportive, non-judgmental presence and hold space for you to utilize your innate strength as you welcome your baby earthside.

Phone: 909-440-4962

Web: Facebook.com/danceofdawnbirthservices

Email: Danceofdawnbirth@gmail.com


Dr. Coleman

 Dr. Coleman, an Holistic Wellness Specialist of 16 years operates

#ThinkFreshWellness of GA; a global healing house of natural remedy & therapies, organic life essentials, counseling/education. Also offering holistic preconception, birth, & postpartum Doula services.


 IG: @ThinkFreshly

FB: /ThinkFreshly



Pregnancy Information Circle & Lunch

Every Month our team is in your community offering FREE community classes as it relates to:

Pregnancy Health

Natural Childbirth

Breastfeeding Essentials 

Newborn Care

Postpartum Wellness


These classes are filled with pertinent information, helpful tips and hands-on demonstrations to help expectant families make informed decisions. We cover topics such as: 

Growing a Healthy Baby

Planning for Birthing Day

Comfort Measures for Birth

Breastfeeding & Latching your Baby

The Postpartum Road to Recovery


Class Locations

No registration is required to attend our community classes.

 Currently our class are offered at two locations:

OB/ Gyn & Midwife Associates

 2719 Felton Drive, Suite A
East Point, GA 30344 

Women's Healthcare Network

2855 Candler Rd Ste. #14A 

Decatur, GA 30034 

To receive a calendar of events contact AtlantaDoulaCollective@gmail.com

Mommy & Daddy Helpers


Breastfeeding Support

 Breastfeeding is a natural and normal process that can at times present with challenges. Such as painful latching, sore nipples, engorgement and a fussy baby. Listed here are Breastfeeding & Lactation Counselors who are eager to help you have a successful breastfeeding journey.


Skesa Berry 678-834-9044/Jonesboro

Blessed Queens   305-785-6533/Hiram

Iyalode Coleman  305-785-6533/Decatur/Loganville

Shantell Tomas   678-760-3152/Atlanta

Zaire Sabb   678-561-43255/Lithonia

Loyal Lctation  770-885-3640/Stockbridge


Postpartum Support

After birth can be a trying time for the family. A Postpartum Doula can be of great benefit for helping with breastfeeding, infant soothing, and basic newborn care. Some of these ladies offer massage, yoni steaming, meal planning and nutrition support.


Nena Omi   404-437-3218/Atlanta

Iyalode Coleman  404-793-3342/Decatur/Loganville

Shanti Moore   404-914-5000/Austell

Tae Eady   770-744-7214/Stone Mountain

Taylor Digby   909-440-4962/McDonough

Y’Na Evans   678-698-0735/Lithonia

Zaire Sabb   678-561-43255/Lithonia


The Atlanta On-Call Doula Collective

Labor support can be essential for helping women have better birth outcomes and positive birth experiences. Though it is best to hire a Doula early in pregnancy, this service is an affordable alternative to help ensure that families have support during the birthing process. 

The Atlanta On-Call Doula Collective is a team of trained Labor Support Specialists that provide in-hospital care during labor & delivery for $100.   

 For more information call or text: 678-834-9044